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Our Favorite Secret Fall Break Destinations

Fall break is always one of the most exciting breaks, as it is the first break after

school starts, and the weather is usually near perfect.

However, many destinations are just too crowded. So we put together a list of our

favorite lesser known places to go for fall break. Beautiful, quiet, full of fun.

Mirror Lake Highway

● Distance from Salt Lake/Provo areas: approx. 2 hours.

Mirror Lake and Mirror Lake Highway, located in the Uintas, are a picturesque

destination ideal for families who like the outdoors and some amazing views.

Drive through Kamas Valley and enter into the Uinta mountains via Mirror Lake

Highway, and you will find plenty of spots to stop and enjoy spectacular views

and short hikes.

Things to do:

  • On the way through Kamas, stop for lunch at one of the hometown restaurants at the intersection of Main Street and Center Street. There’s the Mirror Lake Diner, Summit Pizza and Ice Cream, Lush’s Tennessee BBQ, and the Hi-Mountain diner.

  • Stop at Upper Provo Falls for an amazing view or even some fishing if you’re up for it.

  • When driving up the top of the pass (Mirror Lake is on the backside), there are some amazing hikes to take to get a view of what seems like the whole state

○ Bald Mountain Trail

○ Crystal Lake Trail

○ Little Deer Creek Falls

● When you are at Mirror Lake, there are plenty of things to do.

○ Picnic tables

○ Mild hiking trails around the lake

○ Fishing

○ Kayaking

○ Campground(s)

Mirror lake is one of the best destinations for families looking to get away into the

high mountains, yet still have a sense of security and safety, with all the activities

they could ever want.

Midway Crater

Midway is home to a handful of hot springs, as is a lot of Utah. However, none

come close to being as cool as the crater at Homestead Resort in Midway. The

crater is the only geothermal hot spring in the USA that you can scuba dive in.

Experienced divers come from all over the world to dive at the Crater, and it’s

right in our backyards.

The crater is located at the Homestead Resort in Midway. Off of Homestead

Drive, the Homestead Resort is home to the Crater, an 18-hole golf course

renowned for its scenery, 5-star restaurants, and unique cabin-style homes to

stay in on a trip. In the winters, Homestead Resort is home to the famous Ice


If you stay at the resort, you get access to an indoor and outdoor pool, saunas,

outdoor mineral water hot tubs, and a large exercise room.

You don’t need to stay at the resort to eat at the restaurants or swim at the crater.

Although, reservations may be needed.

At the Crater:

  • Swimming

  • Scuba Diving, with intro courses for those who have never dived before

  • Paddleboard yoga

Swimming in a cave filled with hot water is quite an experience; doing so in such

a relaxing and all-encompassing resort atmosphere is unparalleled.

Expenses: optional lodging, fee per person @ Crater.

Midway Crater’s website here.

Boulder Mountain

Boulder Mountain is one of the best hidden gems in the whole state. Located in

South Wayne County, it boasts hundreds of lakes, dozens of campsites, and

miles and miles of hiking and ATV trails, and, in our opinion, some of the best

views you can find.

Boulder Mountain area is nestled up with Grand Staircase-Escalante National

Park. Be in the high mountains and cool air in the morning, and a 30 minute drive

will have you hiking slot canyons and driving an ATV to swim in Lake Powell.

Best places to camp:

  • Lower Browns Campground is a campground at a recreation and fishing lake. Beautiful scenery and great fishing with bathrooms and a boat ramp.

  • Singletree Campground is a “popular” campground for visitors of Capitol Reef National Park who would rather camp than stay in a hotel. Just off the main road, with plenty of space, quiet, and bathrooms.

  • Pleasant Creek Campground is a quiet, smaller campground with a creek than runs along the back of it. Surrounded by pine trees, you will find yourselves secluded and peaceful.

Best places to eat:

Boulder Mountain itself doesn’t have any restaurants, but there are places to eat

in nearby towns. These are our favorites.

  • Capitol Reef Burger. A burger truck parked in the main stretch of Torrey main street, Capitol Reef Burger is known for its one of a kind burgers.

  • Slacker’s is a hometown burger joint that serves soft serve ice cream, burgers, and chicken tenders among other classic lunch diner menu options. Lots of outdoor seating with a great view.

  • Wild Rabbit Cafe is famous for their breakfast. Stop by on your way to your hike or whatever your journey is for that day.

  • Rim Rock Patio is a very scenic restaurant outside of Torrey, with amazing views of Capitol Reef. If you like dining outside and with a great evening view, this is the place for dinner.

  • Stan’s Burger Shack is a bit of a drive, but well worth it given the views you’ll see along the way.

These are just a few of our favorite places in Utah that we almost guarantee won’t be busy. We hope you enjoy going to these places, and be safe.

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